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  • Jingu takes precedence over "Tianjin Hospital Total Knee Replacement Class and Advanced Class"
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    Tianjin Hospital sponsored by Tianjin Hospital and co-sponsored by JUST Medical Co-sponsored "Jingu First" Tianjin Hospital Total Knee Replacement Learning Class, Advanced Class, was successfully held in Tianjin Hospital Joint Surgery from December 4 to 6. This activity was strongly supported by Professor Liu Jun of Tianjin Hospital and his excellent team. Students from all over the country actively engaged in learning and exchanges, creating a good academic atmosphere and learning environment.

    Professor Liu Jun, Academic Leader

    Director of Joint Surgery, Tianjin Hospital

    Doctor of Medicine and Master's Supervisor

    Member of Joint Surgery Group, Orthopaedic Branch, Chinese Medical Association

    Vice-Chairman of Joint Surgery Group, Chinese Society of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

    Member of Joint Surgery Committee, Orthopaedic Branch, Chinese Medical Association

    Director of Tianjin Joint Surgery Center

    Deputy Head of Joint Surgery Group, Orthopaedic Branch, Tianjin Medical Association

    Vice President of Tianjin Association of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Doctors

    Expertise: Diagnosis and treatment of common and complex joint diseases: osteoarthritis/osteoarthritis, acetabular dysplasia, adult hip dislocation, femoral head necrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, femoral neck fracture in the elderly, traumatic arthritis, meniscus injury, cruciate ligament rupture and other bone and joint diseases.

    Visiting Professor Professor Zhou Diangge

    Chief Physician, Peking University People's Hospital,

    Master's supervisor, doctor of medicine.

    He graduated from the Medical Department of Hebei Medical University in 1991 and the Graduate School of Peking University in 1996. He has systematically trained in general surgery, trauma orthopaedics, plastic surgery, spinal surgery and other specialties. He has profound surgical skills and rich clinical experience. From 1999 to 2000, he went to Hessing Orthopaedic Hospital in Germany as a visiting doctor for special training in joint and spinal surgery. Mainly committed to various joint diseases such as degenerative osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and other arthritis clinical treatment.

    Good at: good at artificial hip, knee and other joint replacement surgery and revision; bone and joint degenerative disease and degenerative spinal disease non-surgical treatment. In the field of knee arthroplasty, the key technology of knee arthroplasty, soft tissue balance, has been deeply studied. It is good at correcting various kinds of joint deformities caused by rheumatic diseases such as osteoarthritis, femoral head necrosis, rheumatoid arthritis and so on, and has unique surgical methods for knee arthroplasty with severe deformities such as genu valgus and knee ankylosis.

    Through expert lectures, artificial bone exercises, one-to-one surgical observation and after-school guidance, this class has solved some difficult problems encountered in the actual operation, effectively improved the students'knee surgery technology, and gained the consensus of the students!