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  • 2018COA Academic Conference--Academic Promotion of JUST Exhibition
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    On November 23, the third day of the conference, in order to create a better academic atmosphere, JUST Medical has launched a number of academic interaction links in the exhibition booth. In the morning, the signing party of "The Application of Small Prostheses in Knee Joint Replacement" and the signing party of the DAA book "The DIRECT ANTERIOR APPROACH TO HIP RECONSTRUCTION" invited the translator of small prosthesis books, Professor Guo Wanshou, and the translation of DAA books. Professor Yin Liangjun, Professor Liu Youwen and Professor Sun Li signed the donation on the spot. Professor Liu Peilai brought a lecture on "High Tibial Osteotomy" in the afternoon and a prosthetic operation drill of locking plate around the knee joint of Jaster Coforlin, which made more people really face-to-face academic exchanges and learning with experts.

    The person in charge of Serentek was invited to teach the fourth generation ceramic head products.

    Professor Guo Wanshou is presenting his translation bookmarks

    Professor Liu Youwen Translated Bookmarks

    Professor Yin Liangjun Translated Bookmarks

    Professor Sun Li Translated Bookmarks

    Professor Liu Peilai gave lectures on high osteotomy