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  • 2018COA Academic Conference - JUST Satellite Conference
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    On November 21, 2018, the 23rd Orthopaedic Academic Conference and the 13th COA Academic Conference of the Chinese Medical Association opened at Xiamen International Conference Center. During the Orthopaedic Festival, the JUST Medical Exhibition was presented with two new products--SEE Trabecular and Hip System and Coforlin Locking Bone Plate around the Knee Joint.

    Of course, as a big company aiming at growing into an international company,JUST medical also hopes to contribute to the development of orthopaedics, so this exhibition invites several experts to give academic speeches to provide opportunities for face-to-face exchanges with orthopaedic cafes. On the second day of the exhibition, JUST medical  prepared a case debate on the theme of "knee-preserving-knee-all-knee-meeting the future and looking forward to knee". At the meeting, Pei Fuxing, Guo Wanshou, Cai Jian, Zhou Zongke, Shi Zhencai, Huang Deyong, Liu Jun, Wang Fei, Liu Peilai and Zhou Diangge were invited to bring you an academic feast.

    Opening Speech by Professor Pei Fuxing

    Professor Guo Wanshou presided over the conference

    Professor Cai Jian and Professor Liu Jun Debate Case One

    Professor Shi Zhencai and Professor Huang Deyong Debate Case Two

    Professor Liu Peilai and Professor Zhou Diangge discussed case three

    Professor Wang Fei and Professor Cai Jian Debate Case four

    Inter-venue Professor Liu Peilai's Answer

    Inter-venue Professor Zhou Diangge's Questions and Answers

    Interview Professor Wang Fei

    Postconference group photo