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  • September 10, Zhengzhou Orthopaedic Hospital Artificial Joint Core Technology Quality Workshop started smoothly
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    On the morning of September 13, the seventh Seminar on core technology of artificial joint replacement in Zhengzhou Orthopaedic Hospital was successfully concluded. Wang Shaohua, Director of Arthropathy Department II, and Wei Qian, Vice-Director of Arthropathy Department, issued certificates of completion for the trainees. The trainees have gained a lot and returned home with a full load.

    The class was opened on Teacher's Day. Wang Aiguo, the executive vice president, said at the opening ceremony that the Arthropathy Department of Zhengzhou Orthopaedic Hospital had gone through 20 years, accumulated rich experience in hip and knee replacement, and the surgical experience was becoming more mature. All along, department directors attach great importance to the training and construction of talent echelon and technology inheritance, and a number of excellent young talents have emerged in the department. On this basis, it is also proposed that the holding of core technology quality seminar not only enhances the exchanges of intra-provincial and intra-provincial joints, further improves surgical technology and advanced theory, but also promotes the technology sinking at the grass-roots level, and makes a positive contribution to the hospital medical consortium units. It is an important link in the process of building a medical consortium in Zhengzhou Orthopaedic Hospital, but also a concrete step of adhering to "academic orthopaedics". Practice.

    The seminar was completed in three days. The first day is "the teaching stage of hip and knee replacement theory", which is composed of Wang Aiguo, the chief expert of arthropathy, Song Shuchun, Wang Shaohua, director of arthropathy, Zou Shiping, deputy director of arthropathy, Wei Qian, deputy director of arthropathy, Si Wenteng, director of arthropathy, Chen Chengliang, deputy director of Cai Songtao and deputy director of Wang Jinliang. Participation in the lecture, the lecturer from hip and knee replacement prosthesis selection to surgical technology, from the choice of surgical indications to the prevention and treatment of complications, from the latest concept to personal experience, etc., the content is very exciting. In-depth exchanges with participants and lecturers on joint replacement technology and perioperative management have solved the participants'doubts in clinical practice.

    The next day is the "operation practice stage". In order to give every trainee the opportunity to practice, Arthropathy Department II prepared seven cases of joint replacement. The similar operation from hand washing to operation, even to skin suture, was carried out by the hospital teaching experts. Every trainee has the opportunity to participate in the operation at close range. The trainees feel very fruitful. They even raise their thumbs to the articular specialists.

    The third day is "the consolidation stage of joint replacement technology". Osteotomy and prosthesis installation are carried out on the plastic bone, so that students can master the theory and method of hip and knee replacement in a relaxed and pleasant environment.