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  • Joint Surgery Salon of Midway Station of Medrui opened in Jiaozuo on September 8.
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    On September 8, with the vision of promoting the development of joint surgery technology, it was sponsored by the Orthopaedic Professional Committee of China Medical Education Association, Jiaozuo Health and Family Planning Committee, Jiaozuo Medical Association, Beijing Mederui Doctor Group, Jiaozuo Zhongzhan District People's Hospital (Mederui) Orthopaedic Center, and the "Mederui" Orthopaedic Center of Henan Jiaozuo Zhongzhan District People's Hospital (Mederui). Draijiaozuo Joint Surgery Salon was held in Jiaozuo City.

    At this symposium, we are honored to invite the Medelli Lecturer Group to teach us the advanced concepts, techniques and experiences of current joint replacement technology, and to solve the related problems before, during and after hip and knee replacement in an all-round way. Many academic topics and discussions have been prepared for this session. I hope you can seize the opportunity of face-to-face exchanges with the Masters and gain more experience. Welcome to this session.